Cricketeria serves you the best when it comes to quality cricket…. The modern day cricket is such a bubble as we are presented the game totally seasoned with stats and made to believe that numbers are everything.So much so that Sachin Tendulkar taking India home to a victory would still not please us as much as a hundred from him, We spent time chatting about the number of sixes and probably the distance that each covered rather than the timing or panache with which the stroke would have been executed,……Well to say the least, the game is truly beyond numbers and there is a need to understand the essence of the game that we adore. Let’s not take anything away from the beautiful game and relish everything ‘qualitative’ that the game has to offer.

I personally believe that a fair contest between bat and ball is what made cricket the marvel that it is, but the modern game seems to be killing the balance. The Packer era was like a botox shot that raised the bar as far the performance and skill levels are concerned and cricket was at its best through the eighties, nineties and some part of the new millennium after which we just see glimpses of the great game amid fabricated and skewed version tailor-made under the assumption that big scores, big sixes and big finishes are all that the spectators want. CRICKETERIA is an attempt to immortalize and love the game in its pristine state.

Contact for anything that interests you about Cricketeria. Your suggestions and feedback will go a long way in promoting qualitative aspects of the game. Send in your mails to: aman10@micamail.in

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